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A not for profit organisation of health professionals working to achieve the highest standards of contempory training and practice in
nuclear medicine.

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Membership Renewals 2018/2019

Membership Renewals are now open for the 2018/2019 Financial Year.

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Nuclear Cardiology Seminar

Associate Professor Nathan Better (Royal Melbourne Hospital, Cabrini Health) will present a seminar on Nuclear Cardiology on 14 March 2018 at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Free to Register.

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The Victorian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists is a professional organisation representing the interests of nuclear medicine technologists engaged in the public and corporate sectors and academia. Since its founding in 1969 the Society has played an active role in the development of nuclear medicine science professionals.

The VSNMT is an autonomous organisation governed by a general committee with a number of expert sub-committees.

The Society is an advocate for nuclear medicine technologists in healthcare and the broader community.

It participates in partnerships with government and healthcare providers to deliver quality care to the community.

It maintains strong relationships with universities providing education to student practitioners and is actively involved in partnerships that deliver continuing education to its membership.

It encourages dialogue and the creation of forums within which all diagnostic imaging professionals collaborate to continuously improve patient care.

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